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Volunteers Wendy Pagenstecher and Henry Hale, with assistance from Suzanne Beyda, are in the process of producing a NEW OXFORD DIRECTORY in the spring of 2015. They want to keep the information as current and correct as possible and ask that everyone check the latest edition (2012) and let Henry Hale know of anything that has changed or if there is anything that you would like to add like an email address.

You can contact Henry Hale at the numbers listed below or email him at

If you do not have a current copy, you can see Henry to see what is currently listed.

Henry Hale: Home - 226-5261 / Cell - 829-3777

Welcome to Oxford, Maryland

A charming, tree-lined and waterbound village with a population of less than 1000, Oxford is one of the oldest towns in America and has a long history in maritime activities. Early in the day, you will still find local watermen at the town dock unloading the catch of the day. You can watch the sailboats arriving from all over the bay to dine at the various local restaurants our town has to offer.

While other waterfront towns have succumbed to waterfront condos and glitz, Oxford has retained its historic charm. The tourism and leisure activities are fueled by people's desire for quiet charm, fresh air, summer breezes, and a haven from the hustle and bustle of city life.

El Galeon Andalucia: A Cheaspeake Journey

"El Galeon Andalucia: A Cheaspeake Journey" traces the 16th century replica ship's path from two of its ports of call in September 2014 -- Baltimore to Oxford,MD. Watch the ship move through the Bay, under the iconic spans of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, and on to a welcome in Oxford, where you'll climb aboard and see just how authentic to its heritage this vessel really is. This documentary-style piece runs about 10 minutes. Brought to you courtesy of I-4 Video of Easton.

Town Government News and Notices

RFP 16-01

The Town of Oxford, Maryland (the “Town”) is requesting proposals for Construction Management and Inspection Services in conjunction with the Town’s upgrade of the Oxford wastewater treatment plant, which is a facultative lagoon treatment system that will be upgraded to a 150,000 gallon per day (gpd) Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR) system (the “Project”). The Project was designed by George, Miles & Buhr, LLC (“GMB”) (the “Engineer”) and has received grant and loan funding from the United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Utilities Service (“USDA”) and grant funding from the Maryland Department of the Environment (“MDE”). The Town is seeking Construction Manager having the qualifications and specific experience in the successful completion of this type of construction management and which submits a responsive proposal.

The contracted Construction Manager shall manage the Project, which includes construction of the following major systems: Lagoon Sludge Removal and Disposal; Site Surcharge and Preparation; Modification of the Main Street Pumping Station; New Mechanical Screens; New Grit system; New ENR Influent Pumping Station; New Wave Oxidation and Post Anoxic Reactor; New Secondary Clarifiers; New RAS/WAS/Scum Transfer Pumping Station; New Denitrification Filters; New UV Disinfection; New Post Aeration; New Sludge Storage Tanks and Blowers; New Belt Press system; New Utility Water system; New Chemical Storage and Feed Systems including Metal Salt, Supplemental Carbon, and Supplemental Alkalinity; New Power Distribution and Emergency Generators; New Process Control System; Demolition; Yard Piping; Site Work.

Qualified minority business enterprises (MBE’s) and women’s business enterprises (WBE’s) are especially encouraged to participate. The Town of Oxford will not discriminate against any interested firms or individuals in regard to race, creed, color, sex, age, handicap or national origin in the selection process.

Proposal packages may be obtained from the Oxford Town Office. Sealed proposals will be accepted no later than 2:00 pm on July 7, 2016, at the Oxford Community Services Building, 101 Market Street, Oxford, Maryland 21654. All inquiries, questions, etc. concerning the RFP shall be forwarded to Cheryl Lewis, Administrator Clerk/Treasurer by email to, or call (410) 226-5122.

Recently approved Ordinances:

These are for informational purposes only, the original documents are stored in the Oxford Town Office and these changes will be incorporated into the official Town of Oxford Code.

By Authority: Commissioners of Oxford, 101 Market Street, Oxford Maryland.

Recent Happenings in Stormwater and Shoreline News….

December 2015 ~ The Town was been awarded $40,000 towards the engineering of a series of Stormwater Retention Areas to relieve stormwater pressures at the Causeway area during a rain event. This concept has been an identified solution for many years, but up until recently funding has not been available. This engineering will allow the town to seek further grant funding from the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund for construction of this substantial improvement, an improvement that as a first step, will compliment future improvements in this area to address stormwater flooding, building resiliency for our community.

August 2015 ~ The Town was awarded $51,000 from the Maryland CoastSmart initiative towards the development of a Stormwater Management / Shoreline Protection "Master Plan" which will outline and prioritize recommended infrastructure improvements with estimated cost. This plan will allow the town to schedule improvements that will fit in the town’s SMSP budget and also to seek funding assistance for larger projects. Additionally, this award came with technical assistance to perform a "Scorecard" which assesses current conditions with reference to Flood Plain Management and participation in FEMA’s Community Rating System (CRS) program, which is a future goal of the town.

March 2015 ~ The Town engineers completed a Comprehensive Inventory of all Stormwater and Shoreline Protection Infrastructure with in a GIS Database to be used for a future Master Plan for improvements.

October 2014 ~ The Town has been awarded a Technical Assistance Grant as part of a joint collaboration between Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for the purpose of assessing coastal vulnerabilities for the town along with providing scientific data for the town to utilize in the preparation of their Stormwater Management and Shoreline Protection Capital Improvement Planning.

May 2014 ~ The Oxford Stormwater Task Force, created by an award of technical assistance from MD DNR in 2013, completed the Oxford Stormwater and Flood Management Study and presented it to the Town Commissioners and Citizens at two different meetings in September 2014. The Oxford Commissioners, with input from the citizens implemented a Stormwater Management and Shoreline Protection Utility along with establishing a Utility Rate within the Real Property Taxes beginning FY 2015, in effort to begin building stormwater/tidal flooding resiliency within the Oxford Community.

Please read the presentation from the Environmental Finance Center Here and the Final Report Here.



The Town of Oxford is pleased to have available this year’s annual drinking water report. This report is designed to inform you of the quality of water and services that the town delivers to you every day.

If you live in Oxford’s service area, but do not receive a water bill, please pick up a copy of this 2015 drinking water quality report at the Oxford Town Office or download here .

From the Oxford Police Department

The State of Maryland has recently enacted laws concerning cell phone use while driving. Every driver on the road is forbidden from talking or texting on a handheld phone while driving. Drivers with full, unrestricted licenses are permitted to use Bluetooth, speakerphone, or a wireless headset to make a call while driving. Drivers under 18 or those with a provisional license are prohibited from making any type of call while driving, including hands-free calls. Additionally texting laws are considered primary laws, meaning a driver can be pulled over for texting, another driving infraction is not required.

Consumers need to be on the alert for scam artists posing as debt collectors attempting to gather personal information and money from unsuspecting citizens. These fraudulent callers are employing a variety of tactics in an attempt to commit theft. The fraudsters resort to threatening tactics and use a variety of generic and government-sounding company names, including claiming they are your utility company and or they are from the IRS. If you receive a suspect call, do not give out any information over the phone and do not provide access to any money or credit card information. If you are unsure about the validity of a request, contact the office or business directly. Report any suspicious communications to the Oxford Police Department.

Door to door vending is only permitted in Oxford after having received a current peddler’s permit from the Town Office. If a peddler cannot present a permit from the town, or if you have a questions or concerns regarding a peddler, please contact the Oxford Police Department or the Oxford Town Office.

Please contact Chief Maxwell at the Oxford Police Department if you need any further explanations or have questions.

In a real EMERGENCY always call 911

Our town

Complete copies of all ordinances, meeting minutes, maps, and other town records are maintained in the Oxford Town Office. This website, and the partial records shown on this website, are provided as a convenience only. This website is not a repository of official public records of the Town of Oxford.